Past Issues

Below are some of our past issues. Detroit Mercy Law Review is working on digitizing our complete archive– volume by volume. Please check back soon.

Until then, you can find our past publications on Westlaw, Lexis, and most academic libraries. If you cannot find a particular piece that we published, please contact us.


Philip J. McElroy Lecture on Law and Religion

Granting Exemptions from Legal Duties: When are They Warranted and What is the Place of Religion?
By Kent Greenawalt

For more information on the McElroy Lecture and Mr. Greenawalt’s upcoming speech please visit Detroit Mercy Law’s events page.


The Search for Equality Through the Rule of Law
by Elizabeth A. Campbell & Tanya M. Marcum

An American Works Council: Why It’s Time to Repeal NLRA Section 8(a)(2)
by Allison Drutchas


Finding Uniformity Amidst Chaos: A Common Approach to Kiobel’s “Touch and Concern” Standard
by Mohamed Chehab

WE ARE ALL FAMILY: Broadening the Family-Based Immigration System to Include Extended Family Members
by Ashley Poonia

Answering the Call of the Question: Reforming Mental Health Disclosure During Character and Fitness to Combat Mental Illness in the Legal Profession
by Andrea Stempien


Fall 2015

*The Law Catching Up with the Evolution of Cell Phones won the 2014 Frank Sengstock Award for Excellence in Legal Writing.

† Editor’s Note: Ms. Agosta’s article includes an amendment to incorporate the United States Supreme Court’s  recent unanimous decision in Riley v. California on the issue of  cell phone searches under the Fourth Amendment.

Winter 2015

Fall 2012



Some Thoughts for Animal Lovers (and First Amendment Afficionados) in the Wake of United States v. Stevens
by Jessica Bond

The Death Penalty for Mentally Ill Offenders: Atkins, Roper, and Mitigation Factors Militate Against Categorical Exemption
by Joseph Hess

The New Frontier of Healthcare: Accountable Care Organizations & the Changing Interplay Among Quality, Cost, and Peer Review
by John F. Price III

Widening the Gap Between Rich and Poor: Issues and Recommendations for the Implementation of Michigan’s Medicaid Estate Recovery Law
by Alexandra Smith


Summer 2010

The Fall, Rise, and Uncertain Future of the No-Fault Act’s One-Year-Back Limitation on Recovery of Benefits
by James G. Gross

Red Mass
by Gregory A. Kalscheur, S.J.

The Foundations and Enactment of Michigan Automobile No-Fault Insurance
by James T. Mellon and David A. Kowalski

Let’s Get Serious: A View of the Serious Impairment Threshold from a Defense Perspective
by Daniel R. Siefer, Esq. & Mary T. Nemeth, Esq.

Symposium: The Future of Michigan No-Fault Insurance
by Gordon Pritchard

United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association: Oh Ye State Legislature, Hear the Cries of Michigan Motorists; The State Supreme Court Adds to the List of No-Fault Areas in Need of Reform!
by Shaun Springer

McElroy Lecture; Natural Rights, Popular Soveriegnty, and Covenant Politics: Johannes Althusius and the Dutch Revolt and Republic
by John White, Jr.

Fall 2010